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Grove Harbour Condominiums

1690 S Bayshore Ln, Coconut Grove, Florida

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is a gorgeous and upcoming neighborhood that borders downtown Coconut Grove, and is now the home to a newly refuvinated neighborhood of high rise residential living. It offers apartments with 2 and 2 bedrooms floor plans. It is like a little bit of New York but with the Coconut Grove lifestyle component of course.

Due to the decrease in prices of real estate properties over the last decade, real estate properties investing have increased also its popularity. We've helped thousands of residents discover the perfect apartments in Coconut Grove by showcasing the best apartments for rent and providing the most detailed information on each unit, up to date, every single day. Our concierge can take care of all of your needs like travel arrangements, reservations to one of the many world class restaurants in , or tickets to your favorite event, they would be happy to accommodate you. Experience all that Life has to offer while living in a unique city setting. This neighborhood is alive with rich culture and all the Florida sunshine you can take, which anyone young in body and spirit with make their own. Outside its popularity for a vacation spot, a large number of people call home. Under the Coconut Grove Sun, Grove Harbour make some shade for the swarms of pedestrians that walk through this amazing cosmopolitan every day. To the north, an endless look at the city, to the south, a look at the Bay that you’ll get to see everyday. Purchasing real estate can be difficult ; Especially in Coconut Grove with so many residential building initiatives taking place, there are certain to be good and unhealthy investments.